Event:  Fate and Freedom in the Novels of David Adams RichardsBy Sara MacDonald, Barry Craig

ABOUT”This book explores the understanding of freedom developed in the later novels of celebrated Canadian author, David Adams Richards. Many reviewers highlight two interconnected features in Richards novels: a seemingly rigid determinism of setting and sociodemographics, and a resulting hopelessness. In contrast, Richards describes the quest of human life and the purpose of his novels as a search for freedom. This book explores the account of freedom that is developed through the course of four of Richards”s works: The Friends of Meager Fortune, Mercy Among the Children, The Lost Highway, and Crimes Against My Brother. Following the Augustinian thread that informs Richards”s writing, we argue that rather than presenting an understanding of human life that is bleak or hopeless, Richards instead reveals an argument wherein one”s happiness and freedom is found in the midst of love.”

Sara MacDonald is professor in the Great Books Program at St. Thomas University Barry Craig is principal at Huron University College.


Dimensions: 190 Pages, 6 x 9 x 0.98 in

Published: 5/15/2017

Publisher: Lexington Books

Language: English

The following ISBNs are associated with this title:

ISBN – 10: 1498528708

ISBN – 13: 9781498528702

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