David Adams Richards, Writer, Author, Playwright, Saint Thomas University Writer-in-Residence speaks about beauty and courage at the 11 Minutes/11 Muscles event held on April 1, 2011, at the Fredericton Convention Centre, New Brunswick Canada. 11 Minutes/11 Muscles was an event conceived and organized by students in the MBA Professional Development program at the University of New Brunswick to create awareness of and support for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. It takes 11 muscles to talk; students challenged extraordinary people to say something inspiring in 11 minutes. David was one of five people to take up the challenge.


“If you think that you are a Canadian, then my boy I will show you I am a Canadian too–if they check me from behind I will get up, if they kick and slash I will get up. If we play three against five for fifteen minutes I will get up. I too am a Canadian. They will not take this away from me. Nor, can I see, will they ever take it away from you. At the moment they think we are defeated we will have just begun. I will prove forever my years on the river, on the back rinks, on the buses, on the farm teams. I will prove forever that this is what has shaped me.”

David Adams Richards, Hockey Dreams

The Author Stage | DAR with musician Dan MacCormack

First, and author consistently impresses deep footprints in the hearts of his readers. Then, a musician transforms the writer’s essences into beauties of his own. In this video, David Adams Richards shares his recent writing, “Crimes Against My Brother,” and then his oeuvre of fiction is explored through the delicate and deep singer-songwriter music of Dan MacCormack from his “Symphony of Ghosts”.

Dan MacCormack